You Ain’t Right

Post last updated: December 17th, 2017

A few years back, I worked for a lady lawyer who was always telling me, “You ain’t right.” I laughed it off because I heard the same sentiment, more or less, professed by my near and dear.

It’s getting harder to laugh it off.

See this purple chrysanthemum? It’s Memorial Day and the fool thing is blooming. Even for an early season chrysanthemum, that ain’t right.

See my pineapple patch? In particular, that hole? I recently planted the top from a freshly carved pineapple right next to the other pineapple. You can see that something came out of the woods, dug it up, and made off with it. That ain’t right.

Every year my garden is plagued with squash borers. Now that ain’t right. I have a sibling who lives six hours north of me who never has problems with squash borers. That ain’t right AT ALL.

I’d like to know how you ever get right when all the stuff that ain’t right dogs you like an evil shadow.

8 thoughts on “You Ain’t Right”

  1. You see all these things happen to you because you just ain’t right. I love it. I just chuckled as I was reading. I’m sure more happened and you are just not telling us.

  2. Gardeners have to deal with all sorts of things that aren’t right! And the things that are right this year may become not right next year! I think we just learn to go with the flow. My chrysanthemums are blooming, too. I think I’m supposed to trim them so they don’t bloom so early, but I like the blooms. I never thought of putting a pineapple top in the ground. What a great idea! I bet whatever got that pineapple thought it was a sweet dessert! It may come back for more!

    1. Holley – I didn’t think of planting a pineapple top, either, until I found one I had thrown in the woods that was still alive. Only then did I think to plant it. However, it was healthier in the shade of the woods than it appears to be in open ground. Beats me.

  3. I think you should just enjoy the blooms when they come and not worry about the timing of it. As for the critters – well they’re just not right for messing with your plantings.

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