Veggie Garden of Joy

Post last updated: August 13th, 2018

“Joy,” a gal I met in one of those Extension Agent food classes, expressed interest in seeing my vegetable garden when I mentioned it in the first class in March. I assured her there was nothing much to see at that time as I had enlarged the garden in mid-February to 28 x 28 and was still working on raking the dirt, I mean soil, into hilled rows. Joy wanted to see it, anyway, so I invited her out after the second class. She seemed disappointed that all I had for Show ‘n Tell was dirt.

About five weeks later, she came again. By then, I had the beginnings of a vegetable garden. Most of the rows had itty bitty vegetable plants.

Another four weeks went by and she emailed me about coming to see my garden. I started to wonder about these inspections. It just so happens that her email arrived hours after a noisy little airplane had continuously circled my garden before the crows even thought about getting up. I got a little paranoid. Are all these people the Veggie Garden Police? Do they think I am growing marijuana tucked in among the tomato plants? I seriously thought about shooting the noisy plane out of the sky but I don’t think a cucumber launched from a sling shot would likely hit him. I tried to tell myself Joy was harmless. Just wanted to grow vegetables herself but, for whatever reason, hadn’t gotten her act together. I invited her out again.

I had a lot for her to see this time because my itty bitty plants were producing veggies. I had cukes, green beans, herbs, onions, peppers, squash, cherry tomatoes and the promise of butter beans, cantaloupe, corn, eggplant, gourds, potatoes, watermelon and several other weird melons.

Like a kid in a toy store, Joy whooped and hollered at the sight of the garden in mid-maturity. One of the barking dogs next door at Country Boy’s became alarmed at her enthusiasm and commenced to terrorize the silence of the neighborhood.

“You really are a farmer,” she shouted as though she had never believed me when I introduced myself as a farmer. Just because I don’t have overalls, a little red tractor, and an acre in production does not mean I’m not a farmer. It was fun to watch her share in the joy of my veggie garden. She admitted that she enjoyed being in the garden even though it wasn’t her garden. You can’t get any better appreciation than that, can you?

6 thoughts on “Veggie Garden of Joy”

  1. Joy saw your garden progress from the beginning until her latest visit and it must have made a big impression on her. Much better to see it from scratch then wait until harvest time to see it.
    I am sure glad to see that Joy and the little airplane were not from the marijuana police.
    See, you are a hands on teacher as well as a blog teacher.
    I really enjoy your posts and you are motivating me as well.

    1. Meta – I don’t know exactly what caused Joy to do all that whooping but she was some kinda excited. I did wonder what she was thinking. The period of time when the garden went from dirt to produce was fairly quick — about 2 and a half months — maybe that’s what got her attention. I was more concerned about getting her to stop whooping before that dog next door cleared the fence and had her for lunch.
      I do try to be a hands-on teacher and motivator with the people I know. My friend Evie was the hard sell. Kept telling me, “I don’t do dirt.” Took me years to get her to put a little lantana bush at her front sidewalk. The neighbors were so astounded to see her working in the yard, they took pictures. Thus, I was banned from ever again visiting her house. I’m serious. She tells me regular that I’m not allowed to come over. As for the blog, I put my nonsense out there for whatever enjoyment people can find in it. Glad you keep coming back!

  2. hahaha How fun that she hollered! It doesn’t take much for us gardeners to get excited! I have some strange black helicopter circle my house, too. It makes me mad and I shake my fist at them! 🙂

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