GARDEN TIP: Easy Go Cart

Earliest reviews on this were on Amazon in spring 2011 when it was available for less than $20. This year, the price at one of the big box home improvement stores had soared to a whopping $24.97. I gotta tell you, that price righteously offended me, however, I bought it anyway and sulked about it for two weeks. I even left the stickers on it so that I could take it back if the sulking didn’t go away. It almost went back but I ultimately decided to keep it and tore the stickers off.

Made by Keter, it is 22.6 inches L by 20.9 inches W by 35 inches H on two wheels with a convenient handle built into the top. It will not rust, dent, stain or peel. The maximum weight it will hold is 132 pounds or 14.5 gallons. It is made in the USA in Anderson, Indiana, and is apparently available in a wild array of colors. Having purchased mine in the Garden Department at Big Box, I got plain old Hunter Green. They claim it can be used for gardening (tip over and rake leaves into it), recycling, and to carry sports equipment.

I purchased it to haul water to remote parts of the plantation where garden hoses do not reach. I have also hauled a 40 pound bag of fertilizer and a carton of Epsom Salt at one time. The two 2011 Amazon reviewers used it to haul groceries from the car into the house and to haul a sun tent and three umbrella chairs to the beach. In a pinch, you could probably fill it up with beer and ice for a party. I think this is one of those products limited only by your imagination.

I like mine but at $24.97, it was over-priced.

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