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Herb planter with burnet, chives, oregano

My friend Cecelia gave me this ceramic herb planter. It has no drainage holes but she happened to have three plastic pots from previous purchases that happened to fit perfectly. Is that luck or what? With room for only three herb pots, it’s not really practical but it is pretty and you know how I’m a sucker for purty. I move it from one porch railing to another, depending on the location of the sun. In it, I have planted my newly acquired salad burnet which does taste like cucumber, a fresh crop of chives I grew from seed, and a few strands of oregano I grew from seed.

One of these days, I’m going to plow up an herb plot but for now I grow them in various containers strung all over the yard. I suppose my first order of gardening should be to group the herbs all in one area. I’ll put this on my list of gardening-things-to-do. Unfortunately, the list is already off the page.

You’ll find a wide variety of opinions on the herbs essential for cooking but there seems to be some agreement on these five: basil, oregano, rosemary, sage and thyme. The essential list depends on you. Grow what you want to eat.

6 thoughts on “Herb Planter”

  1. Great container but you need to drill holes if you want to grow any plant to its maturity. That size container will grow your Salad Burnet to a beautiful plant, suitable for cutting to make a great Cucumber flavored dip or great on baked potatoes. Salad Burnet will continue to grow for years if kept watered and given a little organic worm castings now and again…your chives would also make a great plant for that size container…culinary oregano does not come from seeds but is from cuttings..the oregano from seeds does not have the taste or smell of culinary oregano and will grow wild like a weed.

    1. Okay, Swampy, now I am annoyed. If culinary oregano cannot be grown from seeds, WHY do major seed companies like Ferry-Morse and Burpee sell seeds? I am looking at seed packets from both companies. A lot of gardeners buy seeds and plants from the big box stores. I am already annoyed that some of them sell bagged plants that won’t grow in Zone 9. Now you tell me they are selling me seeds that grow into weeds. I have 3 herb books in my possession. What’s the very best herb book? What I really need, I guess, is an affordable class on the ten most common culinary herbs — how to grow them and how to use them (fresh). I’m not really interested in the medicinal side of herbs at this point. I was intrigued with that seafood chowder I had at the Cunningham Herbal Faire and her use of what must have been frozen, whole cherry tomatoes. I grew both red cherry and yellow plum tomatoes last year. Matter of fact, I was over-run with yellow plums. I never thought about freezing them although I had read about freezing whole tomatoes. Anyway, I’m using the 3 interior pots because the ceramic planter has no drainage holes.

  2. You can grow oregano from seeds however, there is no oregano taste to the majority of seedlings you get from a packet of seeds. The reason is because the seeds have crossed with wild oregano. When purchasing oregano from growers always do a “snif” test to make certain you are getting a good flavor. That goes for peppermint and spearmint also.

    I am open this Friday, Saturday and Sunday and next weekend also should you wish to come by. I will be available to answer questions and also have herb books you can purchase or get the names of them and buy elsewhere.

    The orange tomatoes I used in the chowder were purchased from Sams and all ingredients were fresh not frozen. Linda Cunningham

    1. Well, Swampy, I kinda noticed my oregano grown from seed didn’t have a lot of fragrance when I touched it. For me, half the fun of herbs is touching them and smelling them out in the garden. My apologies for suggesting the tomatoes in the chowder were frozen. It was an assumption I made based on it being early spring. Nevertheless, it gave me the idea to freeze some of my itty bitty tomatoes. So thanks for the idea.

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