Diascia a.k.a. Twinspur

Isn’t this the prettiest little flower? I bought it at Cunningham’s Herbal Faire after much arguing with myself about spending money. It’s probably my imagination, but it seems to have doubled in size in the week that I’ve puttered over it and sent it loving thoughts. A little research revealed that it comes from South Africa and is just starting to show up in garden centers here. I seem to like a lot of plants that come from South Africa.

Best of all, it’s a perennial although treated as an annual. Perhaps if I bring it inside this summer when it gets too hot and over-winter it in the house, I can keep it going. It is propagated by seed but trying to find seeds on a 3/4 inch flower is probably pushing my luck. I’m going to look for them, though, just in case.

11 thoughts on “Diascia a.k.a. Twinspur”

  1. The Diascia will grow well here in Jacksonville and will take a rest and then come back up next year…since you cannot improve on nature by attempting to give it a better environment, I suggest you let it rest and wait for next spring …keeping the spent flowers trimmed off will help keep it blooming into the summer. Planted in the ground, it will will spread …leaving it in a small container it will become pot bound with roots and require more watering. Since it wants to grow it needs space, either in a large pot or in the ground. Thanks for coming to my festival. Linda Cunningham

    1. I have repotted my Diascia into a larger pot and am still having trouble keeping it moist. I may put it in the ground as you suggest. Visitors to my blog were reading about your festival a week after it was over. It still gets some hits. I just love the “swampy” name. I had never heard that name associated with you.

  2. I was looking at this post again and I just realized that I have that plant too. Must have bought it after I saw this post, but still did not know what my plant was. It did not have a tag on it. I planted it in the ground and it is doing nicely. Actually I have three of them. Now that I know what it is, I will try and overwinter it here in Ocala. Hopefully the plant will not die back completely.

    1. Meta — Mine was doing beautifully on the porch. The herbalist I purchased it from said to plant it in the ground. So I did. In full sun. It nearly died on me so I moved it to filtered shade, kinda heavy on the shade. Hasn’t bloomed ever again. It’s enough to make me pot it back up and put it on the porch. I’ll try to remember to dig it up and overwinter it, too. Ocala, huh? For some reason, I thought you were down around Orlando. Till next time…

        1. Then why did mine try to croak in full sun? Harumph. If you are a Facebook fan (I’m a recent convert and can barely operate it), I subscribed to Backyard Diva. She comes up with some NEAT garden photos.

          1. I hear you, Meta. I finally gave in November 2011 and joined. Am careful what I post but that still gives them enough info, probably, to stick me in a cubbyhole somewhere with the rest of the crazies.

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