10 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Amaryllis”

  1. They are beautiful. Really love them. Here in Florida we grow them in the ground as opposed to in pots as houseplants up north. They will multiply here.
    I have never grown any whites though.

    1. Meta — All of mine are in the ground, too. I often plant the seeds, too. I once had a solid white and a solid red all in the same bed. The solid red didn’t come up this year. The white disappeared years ago. I thought of you this morning when I happened to glance at the asparagus bed. There are three tall things poking through the ground. Very thin. Am waiting to see if they unfurl into ferny things. You never can tell. I might be able to grow the asparagus fern but nothing edible.

    1. Holley — They stay in the ground from year to year. Bloom perennially. Just keep in mind that we can’t grow astilbe, hellebores, peonies, hosta and all kinds of other landscaping jewels you take for granted.

  2. These pics are gorgeous. I’m going to have to come over to the homestead and look at everything blooming. My goodness you have a beautiful piece of property. You have everything to attract all those singing birds that fly in and out of all those beautiful bird houses Dad has all around the property. I’m so jealous. All I have is a pool.

  3. I’ll be following your asparagus adventure. Maybe you will have some to eat eventually. You never know.

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