Post last updated: August 13th, 2018

Ethyl, we got them taters planted! I was huffin’ and puffin’ to get my spring garden planted and seemingly getting behinder every day so I called in the troops. None of us has very many friends who would come to our aid when we need help digging in the dirt but we all know who they are, don’t we? I called my chief abuser, Evie, and she brought along Shorty, who is really not short. Not only did we get the taters planted, but the green house emptied and swept out, more leaves on the garden paths to prevent weeds, and we dug a small four foot long bed at the garden hut where I want to experiment with gourds. We did all of this in about two hours. Progress leaps forward when you got friends!

Last spring at Wal-Mart, I purchased six very small Yukon Gold seed potatoes which had next-to-nothing in growing instructions on the tag. I was pleased to have gotten anything out of the ground considering I didn’t have a clue how to go about growing them and ultimately harvested 40 to 50 pounds of potatoes.

This year, for the same price, Wal-Mart offered two pound sacks of  much better quality seed potatoes with much better growing instructions, not that I bothered to read them after having taught myself how it was done. We planted two sacks of them that should yield about 40 to 60 pounds of “usable” potatoes.

I chose to grow mine in a hilled garden row but I’ve read that you can grow them inside a wooden box, a laundry basket, and many other ways.

9 thoughts on “Taters”

  1. After my week of playing in the dirt, I have several mosquito bites to prove I’m not quite the wuss you think I am. Thanks for showing me how to plant taters and showing me how to use a pitch fork. Thanks for being my gardening mentor.

    1. Yeah, but you still a wuss when it comes to putting yer hands in the dirt. Your first question when I asked if you could come help me was, “You got any garden gloves I can wear ’cause you know I don’t do dirt.”

  2. You really do have some great friends if they help you garden! And 40 to 50 pounds of potatoes sounds like you knew what you were doing! Hope your potatoes do well this year – I know your friends will want some!

  3. What do you expect from me? I have manicured nails and toes. That was a lot of fun using the wheel barrow and pitch fork. I felt like the farmer and the dell, I was just missing my overalls. By the way, that funny looking hat you had perched on your head did not look diva-licious. Can’t you find a fabulous straw hat so the back of your neck doesn’t end up looking like bright red toe nails? I’m going to find you one don’t you worry.

    Let me know when you need my help again. It was a pleasure.

    1. Evie — I can’t imagine anyone as averse to dirt as you having FUN using a wheel barrow and pitch fork. If you wanted to do the farmer and the dell act, why didn’t you take a turn with the hand plow? Shorty did! I do have a straw hat! I just couldn’t find it that day. I found it yesterday and put it back where it belongs. I gotta tell you, though. It doesn’t stay on my head as good. You can come play farmer anytime!

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