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Post last updated: August 13th, 2018

I was reading one of those free email newsletters from Mother Earth News in which the author, Michelle Martin, had interviewed Ethan Hughes about his educational homestead, the Possibility Alliance. He has a remarkable generosity of spirit and the last three paragraphs of his interview were inspirational:

“I would also like to give readers a homework assignment. Sit down, put the article aside, and make a  list of everything you love to do that you’re doing now. Then add a list of everything you want to do and are not doing — big or small, whatever it might be. “I would love to grow a vegetable garden.” Or “I would love to bike to the White House and hang a sign that said, ‘No more offshore drilling.'”

“Then make another list of everything that you don’t want to be doing. On that list, also write anything that you might be doing in the future that you don’t want to be doing.”

“After you’ve got those two lists, it’s very simple. The next day, choose one thing from the first list to start doing and choose one thing from the second list that you don’t want to be doing and remove it from your life. Start integrating one thing at a time into your life. Each one might take a week or it might take a month. Just keep going until your whole life is aligned with the first list.”

You can read the full article here.

4 thoughts on “Possibility Alliance”

    1. Holley — I started my list, too. Right before telling us to start lists, Hughes said “If you’re starting a project, get 10 to 20 people who believe in you to be a support network. Before you start, let them know that when you call, you’re going to need a pep talk. That’s something we didn’t set up ahead of time.” You don’t really need 10 people. Evie has been my support network for many years. When she’s not telling me “you’re so stoopit,” she’s telling me I can do it. Everyone needs someone like that!

    2. I also made my list after reading Michelle’s interview with Ethan. This process has changed my life! I am living a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. Ethan is truly inspiring, and I would highly recommend attending his workshops.

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