Spring Announces Arrival

Post last updated: August 13th, 2018

Mr. Golfcart's Dogwood Tree in Bloom

I believe Spring has announced its arrival. The redbuds, dogwoods and a few azaleas are in bloom.  Additionally, we had an Alfred Hitchcock afternoon on our property Monday, February 20. There must have been 200 birds in the trees, on the ground, and all of them chattering at once. A smaller flock came through on Wednesday. The 200 were a combination of robins and a solid black bird with a band of yellow on the wing.

2 thoughts on “Spring Announces Arrival”

    1. Holleygarden — Have you been getting any sun for your irises and daffodils? We’ve had a LOT of gray, overcast days. Makes it hard on a blogging photographer. My dogwood photo was a lot darker than I wanted it to be but there was no sun!

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