Rummaging Recycle Bins

Bleach Jug Garden Markers

Sometimes the neighbors just don’t cooperate. Year after year, they faithfully put their recycle bin at the curb and you don’t think anything of it until you need it to be out there because you want to rummage through it. Yessiree bob, I wanted a white bleach jug to cut into plant markers for my seed tray and that is precisely when the neighbors stopped recycling. I suwanee. It’s enough to have you putting hands on hips and sighing with great exasperation.

For several weeks, I had to resort to rummaging through our own recycle bin waiting for Momma to toss a bleach jug. As you can see here, I made plant markers from Momma’s bleach jug.

The next time I empty one of my own bleach jugs it will go in the greenhouse instead of the recycle bin. Better to have something and not need it than wait on the neighbors to cooperate.

4 thoughts on “Rummaging Recycle Bins”

    1. Lisa — The financial crisis was not kind to me so money is now an issue. One of my friends recently sent me a quote of the day — “Thrift is a sign of intelligence — any fool can spend money” (she didn’t include an attribution). That is what I try to do these days. Use what little intelligence I have (I have friends and family who think I’m an idiot) to figure out how to get something I need without spending money on it. As for the bleach jug markers, I cut the middle out of the bleach jug. Disposed of the bottom and the handle part. Used scissors to cut the remaining tube open and cut it in half. From there I just eyeballed it. Cut individual half-inch markers and cut a point on each one. I’ve got them in a peat pot near my grow light fixture. –Mizz Chairman

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