Subversive Gardening

Post last updated: August 13th, 2018

The current issue of Mother Earth News magazine (Feb./Mar. 2012) has a Small-Space Gardening¬†article by Roger Doiron, the founder of Kitchen Gardeners International ( The article referenced Doiron’s film, A Subversive Plot: How to Grow A Revolution in Your Own Backyard as “an inspirational speech about the powerful act of growing food” but the link was bad. I think I found it and it is well worth taking eighteen minutes to watch his video. In an amusing style, he explains that growing food is a subversive activity because food is a form of energy and power. Grow your food and you take power into your own hands — power over dirt, power over health, power over your wallet. More importantly, you take that power away from someone else. He also makes clear that our growing urban population versus the small amount of land we have saved for food production is not adequate to feed our planet. You chicken-livered, bug averse non-gardeners need to get over your fear of bugs and learn to garden.

4 thoughts on “Subversive Gardening”

  1. This has to be my all time fave subversive gardening video

    I watched your “ted” video when you first posted this… Took a while getting back to comment, though…

    There’s a lot of different circuit speakers talking about gardening, that must be good, right?

    We need to inspire people to get out in their yards… And plant something besides grass.

    1. Yeah, I like what the Dervaes family have done but I didn’t like them trying to patent the words “urban homestead.” Yep, I think it’s good that folks are talking up veggie gardening and the idea of it being empowering because it truly is. I’m trying to influence some of my friends to garden but they are deadset against it. That’s okay, I’ll do my own thing and enjoy chatting with other veggie gardeners on their blogs. –Mizz Chairman

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