Onion & Seed Tray Update

Post last updated: August 13th, 2018

Green onions after one month

I thought you’d like to revisit the green onions from the grocery store that I planted a month ago. They have grown enough for another harvesting. Also notice my nice black compost beneath the onion pot. I am a big fan of composting.

This is the seed tray after seven and a half days. Almost everything has sprouted. A few peppers are holding out for warmer weather. I still haven’t gotten a fluorescent light for the seed tray so I take them out on the porch when it warms up each day. I have more than one sprout in a couple of the cells. I can’t figure that because we were given exactly five seeds in each little plastic baggie. Twins, maybe?

4 thoughts on “Onion & Seed Tray Update”

  1. Wow – those onions are amazing! Must be your compost. I agree it does wonderful things for the plants. Your seed tray looks great! I think taking them outside would be a great way to harden them off little by little.

    1. Holleygarden — The green onions are in regular Miracle Grow potting soil and some extra perlite, no compost. Let’s hope they harden off little by little. I really really need to go get some fluorescent lights. –Mizz Chairman

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