GARDEN TIP: Reduce Reuse Recycle

I got these foam pots at Dollar General a couple of years ago for $6 each. I don’t remember what year, exactly, but I believe it was before Dollar General’s ownership was transferred in 2007.  You will note that the passage of time, and probably wild animals, have taken their toll on the foam pots.


Prior to the Crash of ’08, I would have likely trashed these pots and purchased new. Given that today’s purchases enrich corporate america but do not help working Americans replaced by part-timers or cheaper overseas labor, I see no reason to spend money. Besides, I now have more time than money, so I tend to think in terms of reduce, reuse, recycle. I am fast becoming an expert on baling wire, duct tape, and paint. 

Momma was always a fan of the quick coat of paint to clean up a decrepit-looking item. Even Poppie making fun of her painting ability did not deter her from whipping out paint and brush or a can of spray paint. The fact that he did make fun of her is probably why I remember the coat-of-paint-trick.

While the pots look really bad and the top rim appears to have been gnawed by some kind of critter, they are still in good shape and recycling them with the coat-of-paint-trick came to mind. You can’t buy really small cans of paint anymore, except for a limited palette of colors in Wal-Mart, so I bought a quart of paint in this celery green color. A quart is a lifetime supply of paint when all your projects are small. By the time that quart of paint is gone or dried up, I’ll probably be sick of celery green but, for now, the pots look good again.


6 thoughts on “GARDEN TIP: Reduce Reuse Recycle”

  1. I have been doing the same thing for years. I use spray paint that I get at Home Depot for a dollar and spray the devil out of any and everything. I buy picture frames from yard sales and then spray them the color I want and they all blend. The paint trick really works and if you get tired of one color there is always another color just waiting on the shelf for you.

    1. Well, Miss Evie, it was fascinating to learn you are a fan of the coat-of-paint-trick. I would never have known this about you because you won’t let me come to your house anymore after I made you work in the yard in front of the neighbors. Are they still laughing at you? –Mizz Chairman

  2. I love them – and I love that celery green. A wonderful color for the garden. I think Martha Stewart paints everything that very same color to give her garden area a coordinated appearance.

    1. Holleygarden — Had no idea Martha Stewart does celery green, too. I started painting with celery green last spring. Alas, I painted a couple of clay pots and one of them is already peeling! What did I do wrong? –Mizz Chairman

    1. Jen — There was something else in that Roger Doiron (looks like Do-Iron, doesn’t it?) article that might appeal to you for when you paint your concrete blocks. Instead of the ordinary square foot garden box, they showed boxes with a mitered picture frame nailed flat on top of the box. It gave it a wonderful finished look. Of course, the online version of this article doesn’t have all the photos! –Mizz Chairman

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