Post last updated: August 13th, 2018

Would you look at this? I’ve got sprouts! I know they are hard to see but there are fifteen sprouts of tomatoes that showed up Wednesday night. This is the seed tray that was planted around noon on Saturday at the Duval County Extension class. Four days later, sprouts! Amazing. I haven’t even gone to the store yet to get a grow light so I’ve put them on the porch in the early morning sun and will move them into the shade as it gets warmer.

4 thoughts on “Sprouts!”

    1. Dear Evie – If they get too big, I may have to step them up to a larger pot because I don’t want to plant them in the ground before March 15. We’ve had too many surprise freezes in years gone by. I already have some tomato plants that I have wintered over in larger pots in the greenhouse. They were volunteers that popped up in the fall/winter garden in the row where my tomatoes had been. –Mizz Chairman

    1. Holleygarden — Nature makes a fool of us, too. Do you know how many times I ran out on the porch today to see if anything else had come up? I now have 18 sprouts, most of them tomatoes but a couple of eggplants. They gave us three different types of eggplants. I don’t even EAT eggplant but if given the seeds, I’ll play with most anything. –Mizz Chairman

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