Black Gold Compost

Today I emptied my compost trash can onto an old shower curtain liner. You should have seen all the bugs that skittered out of it. My bug averse, chicken-livered, non-gardening friends would have bolted for the front gate or fainted dead away.

A little more than half of it was not ready for use. Those pink eye purple hull vines, in particular, stubbornly cling to existence. I did my best to layer browns, greens and the bag of frozen stuff. The leaves I was trying to layer got mixed in this pile but isn’t this some great looking new soil? I would estimate there was a bucket and a half that went on the garden.

2 thoughts on “Black Gold Compost”

  1. Mizz Chairman, I am totally enjoying your blog. I have a question, though, about the compost. Many people just have a little corner of their garden where they grow their mulch/compost, and it is even less expensive than the garbage can method you mention in your blog. What is better about your method?

    1. Good question, Beader1. Too bad you didn’t ask it ON my blog for the benefit of my other readers, some of whom are international. When you have compost in a corner, it gets too heavy to turn. Rather than deal with it, the tendency is to continue piling it on. Before long, you have an unsightly mess full of bugs. With a garbage can, you contain all of this and because it gets full, you tend to turn it out on a tarp, remove the usable compost and repack the can. I recommend putting the garbage can in the back corner away from the house because of the bugs. –Mizz Chairman

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