Spring Seeds Are In!

Post last updated: August 13th, 2018

It’s time to get serious about planning your spring garden plot. You bug averse, chicken-livered non-gardeners need to get with the veggie gardening program, too, because fresh veggie prices are projected to increase 3.5% to 4.5% in 2012 according to the experts at USDA’s Economic Research Service. You think I’m making this up? Fine, check out this chart with your own eyeballs: ers.usda.gov/Briefing/CPIFoodAndExpenditures/Data/CPIForecasts.htm.

Spring seeds have arrived! Your on-the-hoof researcher has the following to report:

Wal-Mart’s Ferry-Morse seeds underwent a design change in the package artwork (a red band across the top and white background below) plus a change in price structure. Some of the dollar packages dropped to 97 cents while others went up to $1.19.  Herbs went up from $1.00 to $1.39. Wal-Mart also brought in $2.00 organic packages from Seeds of Change. Home Depot brought back their $1.00 Burpee and Ferry-Morse seeds, among others. I could find no seeds under $1.57 at Lowes. Still, Lowes is my favorite big box home improvement emporium because they have the Down-and-Out-but-Not-Quite-Dead table in the Gardening Department. Just the other day, I bought a large Bush Daisy in a decorative plastic pot for $2.00. Makes me soooooo happy.

I like to get some of my basic seeds from among the dollar seed packages and then mail order the slightly strange and down right weird stuff brought back from Ichtheeluwookistan by the adventurous seed seekers.

4 thoughts on “Spring Seeds Are In!”

  1. I have my seeds ordered, but they are not here yet! I am soooo ready for them to get here! Good to see WalMart is offering organic seeds! I love seeing the big box stores offering heirloom vegetable plants for sale, too. I think they are really on top of the trends.

    1. Hey Holleygarden! They need to stay on top of trends! I noticed this winter that Wal-Mart had a few winter veggie seeds out. Not a big selection but it was a start. Right now, they also have a lot of fruit trees and bare root plants. I would love to have more fruit trees on our property but Dad is always complaining about having to mow around stuff. –Mizz Chairman

    1. You know, Elephant Eye, I wondered about that when I visited your garden website. The photos of your place looked dry. If you can’t grow from seed, how do ya’ll get plants? Are they grown elsewhere and shipped in when stable? Tell my readers how it’s done in South Africa. –Mizz Chairman

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