Winter Leaves in Florida

Post last updated: August 13th, 2018

In Northeast Florida, our fall leaf color doesn’t show up until the winter. We don’t have the spectacular golds of states further north but we get many variations of red. Here’s a collection from my plot of paradise.

4 thoughts on “Winter Leaves in Florida”

    1. Hello Holleygarden/Mentor — A lot of ours have fallen, too, but some of them are hanging on for dear life. Did you notice I figured out how to get myself a Blotanical link? Wish I had known about Blotanical six months ago when I was having trouble finding gardening blogs!

  1. Sweetgums have such beautiful color! I’m not so enthusiastic about the fruit, however… I’ve managed to slip on those things several times.
    Welcome to Blotanical!

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