Red Hot Pinecone

Post last updated: August 13th, 2018

Pretend this is an itty bitty pinecone

I dropped in to see my car insurance agent. While waiting in the lobby, I spied these itty, itty bitty pinecones in a dish beside me. They were about 1 or 1.5 inches long and a half inch wide. I went bug-eyed at such a small pinecone. Immediately, my greedy gardener’s mind said, “Ooooo, I wonder if they have any seeds?” Not that I would have stolen my agent’s pinecone but a seed or two might have slipped out the door with me. One can always justify such an acquisition as long as it’s not done at a plant nursery or botanical garden.

I picked up the pinecone and just as I got it up to my nose to inspect it with my bifocals, the agent rounded the corner and spoke to me. I almost jumped out of my skin. Caught red-handed in the act of inspecting her pinecone and flooded with guilt for my intention to relieve her pinecone of its seeds, my neck whipped around to look at her with a perfectly formed “O” on my lips. Trying to save face, I said, “Have you ever seen such a little pinecone?”

“Only in the potpourri dish,” she said, implying that the pinecone should be in the dish rather than my hand.

Agggggghhhhhh. It will be years before I have the courage to face her again. Don’t tell me you haven’t experienced these pre-crime moments yourself. I don’t think there is a serious gardener out there who isn’t tempted by the new and delightful. It’s a gardener thing.


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