Cherry Tomatoes

Post last updated: August 13th, 2018

I just stuck my hand out the door and waved it around.  My hand did not encounter 70 degrees so I snatched it back in and slammed the door. I don’t like cold weather and I don’t like what it does to the garden.  Our two beautiful cypress trees lose all their greenery, the hydrangeas get some sort of spotted dog disease, and precious little blooms.

Each time the weatherman threatens us with temps down in the 30’s, I run outside with my stash of old sheets to cover the plants. If the temps stay down, then the sheets stay in place looking like dead bodies lying all over the yard. Except for Casper the Ghost, of course, who stands upright. Casper is a fashionista with a two-sheet toga and some clothespin fasteners. Thus far, he has done a good job protecting the cherry tomatoes. Just yesterday I picked this bountiful bowl of tomatoes and just as many for my friend who brought me a big box of homegrown grapefruit.

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